Advertising your idea, product, your company logo or message. Easy to see and get maximum attention at a small cost.

Guaranteed the most eye-catching and most profitable advertising you can choose for your company's marketing. Show your creativity and make a guaranteed success. Whether you choose to fill your Zeppelin or giant bubble with air or helium. If you choose to fill it with helium, just find a place to let it float and display your company logo or message. It will be as powerful if you fill it with regular air and maybe it hangs from a tap, put it on the ceiling at the entrance hall, places it on one of the company's cars. The possibilities are unlimited. Suitable for the wedding, 50 year olds. Put on a temporary text using Velcro on the Zeppelin or balloon and have the regular advertisement under .... Order printing on balloon plastic, Velcro straps included. Jubilee Push for a specefik product. Show that you have extra opening hours, etc.

 Most of our larger products have as extra bonus, at no extra cost both the valve for ordinary air and for helium gas. Most of our products can be supplied with LED lighting. Connect directly to the splice cord !! or with a converter connected to the cigarette lighter socket on your car. Extremely startling !!

In addition to Zeppeliners and Giant balloons with or without LED lighting,
we also have:
Large latex balloons 40-150cm
Airdancers: 4 meters
Metallic colored balloons. Delicious, looks like a glass ball.
Promotional pads, You can have your own design. Maybe it or they should look like the product you sell. From 4-6 meters high. Inflatables. Many sizes and models.
 Start target portals, arches. All possible models and sizes. You can order all products with or without print.
Of course, you choose in which colors your products should be manufactured.

Important to keep in mind with regard to logos, images and texts that you wish to have printed are that they have high resolution jpeg, gif or png formats. However, please use vectorized scalable images for guaranteed best print.  Tex Pdf or PhotoShop document PSD


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  You can choose to get the item home and pay after invoice: 14 days 0: - 30 days 29: - 90 days 95: - or partial payment: 12 or 24 months. Alternatively, pay the order directly with a card or directly in your Internet bank.

20-30 days are most common from order to delivery.